Import Your Vehicle


1. Determine if your desired vehicle is eligible. Make sure the vehicle you'd like to purchase meets guidelines outlined on Transport Canada's List of Vehicles Admissible from the United States. Transport Canada provides very important information at:

2. Find out if your insurance covers you. Get your new vehicle insured by your Canadian insurance company, and verify that the insurance covers your vehicle in the United States.

3. Get your important papers. Don't forget the temporary, one-month license plate from your Gee Automotive Dealer! This will allow you to drive in the US and Canada for thirty days. You should also leave the dealership with a Bill of Sale.

4. Plan to enjoy the sights south of the border. Plan for three, fun-filled days in the United States. You'll need to fax a copy of your new vehicle's Certificate of Title to the US Customs at the border where you'll be crossing. The customs agents will need three business days to process the title before you'll be authorized to bring your new vehicle home to Canada. We recommend calling the US Custom office to make sure they received your title. It'll save you time!

5. Don't forget your clearance document. Ask for a "proof of recall clearance document" from your vehicle's manufacturer. Smart dealers like Gee Automotive will know all about this. Just don't forget to ask!

6. Wrap up your trip. Put the keys in the ignition and head north, back to beautiful Canada. If you've completed Step Four and the US Customs have received your title, then you should have no trouble getting your Certificate of Title stamped for exportation by the US Customs Office. The remaining steps will be completed in Canada.

7. Smile as you pay your taxes. Head to the Canadian Customs office with your Bill of Sale and Certificate of Title stamped for exportation. Some taxes will apply depending on the type of vehicle you're importing, and where you're registering the vehicle in Canada. Taxes?!? Don't worry! Import taxes on US Vehicles are surprisingly minimal. In fact, most of the time you can save a bundle!

8. Time to register. Once the taxes have been paid, you'll receive Vehicle Import Form - Form 1. This will allow you to register your new vehicle in your province.

9. Check your mailbox. A second form, Vehicle Import Form - Form 2, will be mailed to your home address within two weeks of your arrival in Canada. Take both Vehicle Import Forms, and the "proof of recall clearance document" form Step 5, to an approved inspection center. This inspection should be free of charge and you'll receive an inspector stamp on Form 1.

10. Get your official Canadian license plate. Gather all your paperwork - Form 1, Certificate of Title, bill of sale, safety inspection certificate (if applicable), and insurance certificate - and take it to your vehicle license issuing office for processing. Within a few days you'll receive your vehicle's Canadian Certification Label by mail. Stick this label on your vehicle. Your new vehicle is officially Canadian-approved!

Please note: Always make sure to check for up-to-date information on Transport Canada ( and Registrar of Imported Vehicles (